Quality Assurance  

  • A quality assurance system certified to Standard ISO 9001 2008, under the supervision of The Standards
    Institution Of Israel.

  • Fermet operates according to Procedures and Work Instructions as required by this certification.

  • Fermet is certified as an approved supplier by its customers in Israel and abroad.

  • Fermet operates according to international Standards such as ASTM, DIN, MIL and ASME for routine activities and according to customers requirements.


  • The manufacturing is based upon knowledge amassed during many years of activity and regular
    consultation with International Institutes to update and apply new technology.
  • Fermet has an advanced Spectrometer (iron base and nickel base) for determining the chemical
    composition of castings on line during each melt.

  • Fermet uses NDT testing for cracks is conducted by means of:
    1. Magnetic Particles Equipment.
    Dye penetrate equipment
  • Computerized tensile test machine.
  • Hardness: Brinell 3,000 kg machine.
  • Fermet relate also on outside qualified laboratories as: Morex, Taas, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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